Magic Cream

Published on May 5, 2017 under Herbs
Magic Cream

Five or six years ago my family was cooking in a friends’ kitchen. I was at the glass-top stove and a burner had just been turned off. My 3-year old daughter came over to see what was going on and my husband and I both made sure she paused while we clearly said that the burner was hot so she should be sure not to touch the stove. Before we could blink, she put an open hand onto the burner saying, “this one?” Yes, that one. Scary parenting moment!
That week I had begun playing with salve-making. I was incorporating herbs that I had really gotten to know and love. I knew that Calendula is incredibly soothing for skin issues. I knew that Plantain is fabulous for bug bites and for drawing out splinters and stingers. Both Plantain and Yarrow stem bleeding. Comfrey strengthens the white blood cell defense line and also sparks new cell growth for rapid healing. Dandelion, along with some of the others, is analgesic and anti inflammatory, These herbs are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. A few days earlier I had made a salve with oils infused with these herbs (and beeswax of course) and had thrown a jar of it in my bag.

If you are a parent, you know that feeling when your little one is screaming after an injury. I’m sure it affects all of us differently but my heart starts beating faster and my head starts to spin. My daughter tends towards the dramatic even in not-so-serious situations, but she really had burnt her palm and fingers. We ran her hand under cold water. And we put my herbal salve on it while we talked about what we should do. It was almost bedtime. It didn’t take long for my daughter to calm down and her hand seemed to be significantly soothed as well. We reapplied before bed.

The next morning, her hand looked great! There was no bubbling. It was red but not flaming. And my daughter was using her hand as usual, without much complaint. My husband and I couldn’t believe it. That day, my family dubbed the herbal salve ‘Magic Cream’ and it stuck. I have been making Magic Cream every year since then. I harvest fresh herbs, either from my garden or in the wild, infuse them into organic olive oil, add local beeswax, and voila! Magic in a jar! (I do not include Comfrey anymore because that herb shouldn’t be used on possibly dirty wounds and if parents are carrying this around in their first aid kit, dirt is likely!)

Last year, I made a large batch and put some jars and tubes out there for sale. They went quickly and hearing feedback from parents has been so heart-warming.

“We use Magic Cream for just about any skin irritation, including scrapes, random bumps, dry cuticles, and even for our dog! We have the squeezable tube for our first aid kit and a jar for home. I love having something made with such care and with so few ingredients.”

“We bought a little tube of magic cream originally, and I only wish I had bought the tub, we went through it so quickly. This time I’ll buy at least one tube (for the diaper bag), and tub size to keep at home. We put it on everything: sore noses in the winter, scraped knees, hangnails, and it’s magic on imagined injuries too!”

“We love magic cream! We use it on our bites, scrapes, itches, really anything! My kids ask for magic cream right after they get a kiss on their hurts. It is really magic.”

“”Does it need some magic cream?” This is pretty much a daily question at our house since Magic Cream fixes everything! With its awesome healing powers, it truly works wonders on cuts, scrapes, bruised and burns. But because of its name and gentle nature we put it on even those invisible boo boos that just need some TLC. We love having our big container of it for at home ouchies and our little one for on the go ouchies. Magic cream is truly magical!”

“Sarah’s Magic Cream is a daily go-to for our family. We use it for everything from lip balm to skin irritation to imaginary owies. I love how gentle and natural it is, and it really works!”

For a size comparison.

For 2017, the size/container choices are a 2 oz reusable, metal, twist-top tin, and a 1/2 oz eco-friendly push tube.

A companion for all of your adventures!

We always have some with us!

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