Let the Season Begin

Published on March 8, 2017 under Garden
Let the Season Begin

What are you growing this year? Whether you are looking to start or expand your garden, or test your green thumb with some container gardening, this is the time of year most of us in the Northern hemisphere get things growing.

Last month, I started turning down page corners in my seed catalogs and going through my seed packets, trying to be realistic for what I want to grow this year. Some of my favorite seed catalogs in recent years are Strictly Medicinal Seeds, Bountiful Gardens, Baker Creek, and Rare Seeds. Please share your favorites in the comments below!

I have been getting my organization set up for this growing season as well. I’ve got my planting and harvesting calendars and to-do lists. And I’ve been drawing and re-drawing a garden plan. This year I am excited to be the Garden Manager at Laughing Buck Farm! We’ve got the garden team put together and we’ll be growing vegetables and herbs and having a lot of fun.

After all that paperwork, it was definitely time to get out into the actual garden. On a beautiful sunny day a couple of weeks ago, I started clearing the rows. Some very generous horseradish had been taking over one of the rows so we wanted to make room for other plants and ended up harvesting many pounds of horseradish root! So you can be sure I will share with you what I end up making with that. No clogged sinuses for me this year!

And that is just the beginning. 

What have you been doing in your garden so far? (And don’t forget to share your favorite seed catalogs/sources in the comments as well!)

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