Lemon Balm

Published on June 11, 2017 under Health
Lemon Balm

Herbs aren’t generally a blanket solution for anything, as one has to consider not just the constituents, but the energetics of plant and person as well as other variables. That being said, Lemon Balm or Melissa officinalis, isn’t ‘aka the Happy Herb’ for nothing! As one of the earlier perennial herbs ready to be harvested in late Spring-early Summer, Lemon Balm lifts my spirits whenever I rub my fingers through it’s leaves and inhale it’s lemon-y scent. This month’s herbal series will focus on Lemon Balm in conjunction with June’s Bhoomi Basket!

Part 1: Melissa officinalis

Part 2: Ways to use Lemon Balm (Coming soon!)

Part 3: Identifying Lemon Balm (Coming soon!)

Part 4: Growing Lemon Balm (Coming soon!)

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