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Does your herbal tool box need replenishing? Are you looking to nourish yourself or your family with herbs? Whether you are new to herbs or have already caught the (contagious but non-alarming) herbal bug, you will certainly enjoy Bhoomi’s Basket, an Herbal CSA. Each month you will receive seasonal herbal products. Seasonal means that the products will be made with herbs growing in that season, and also that they will support your well-being, in that season. (Because plants are amazing like that!)  You will also learn about the herbs and products, and how to use them in simple ways to nourish yourself and your family.

Some examples of what you might receive are digestive bitters, a Spring Tonic tea, facial serums, herbal syrups, first aid cream, skin nourishing lotions, herbal hot sauce and more!

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What is an Herbal CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a system that developed in which interested community

Magic Cream: Combining the goodness of Calendula, Plantain and Dandelion.

members pay a farmer in the beginning of the year in exchange for reaping a share of that year’s yield on the farm. This took some of the pressure and risk off of the farmer, who could use the money when it was most needed in the beginning of the year to buy seeds, prepare the fields and so on. To me, CSA’s are also important because they connect members of the community with those growing their food. Because I am offering finished handcrafted products, Bhoomi’s Basket may be more like the subscription boxes many of us subscribe to these days. But in the spirit of a CSA, I will be using locally grown herbs and each ‘basket’ will include educational elements to help you understand different herbal preparations and how you can incorporate them into you life easily to reap the benefits.

I am passionate not just about herbs themselves, but about sharing them with others. There are plants all around us and still most of us can not name more than a few, never mind knowing how we might use them to nourish ourselves. Providing an herbal CSA in my community allows me the opportunity to not just create herbal products and sell them, but to connect with others and offer knowledge about the herbs. ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.’ I hope to inspire you to connect with plants in a way that will nourish you and those around you for a lifetime and beyond.

Balance: Hydrosols of Ylang-Ylang, Clary Sage, and Lavandin.

How does it work?

From May to October (6 months), you will receive 2-4 herbal products each month. Each product will be

thoughtfully handcrafted to help you be prepared for and enjoy the current season. You will also receive information about each herb featured as well as seasonal recipes. AND you will get a 25% discount on any workshops I offer during these months! There will be two pick-up locations in Fort Collins, CO and there will be a TBD pick-up window of time.

For long-distance members, I will try to have a couple of online webinars as well. And your baskets will be shipped to you each month.

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Monthly Subscription: Pay $25 each month for 6 months


6-month Membership: Pay $120 ($20 for each month)


Bhoomi’s Basket 2017
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