Burdock leaves make awesome sun hats! Even mamas get to have fun. Here I am during my 2016 Herbal Apprenticeship!

Educator, Mother, Herbalist: these are the hats I wear that I am most passionate about.

I believe that not only does it take a village to raise a child, but also that it takes a village to support a mother. The journey of parenthood has ups and downs and at times, a steep learning curve. We are all doing our ubest to make the decisions that are right for our families. But we can’t do it alone. Humans are social creatures. And women especially have ingrained survival skills based on relationships and support.

For me this means supporting fellow moms, personally, professionally. With background and training in child development, special needs and resilience, family support, cultural context, art, infant massage, eco-consulting, meditation, and herbalism, I desire to support and guide others in finding balance and wellness. And in doing so, I love that I will continue to learn. For isn’t that what makes life rich?

Sarah Cody, MS Ed: Child Development Specialist, Certified Eco-Maternity Consultant, and Family Herbalist[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]