birth.play.love. is about honoring the mother. The Mother Earth that nourishes and supports us no matter what. And every  mother, that nourishes and supports her children, her family, her community. A mother gives birth and then she nurtures and enjoys all the moments of play and love that fill life.

Herbs are plants that are undervalued and misunderstood. We are loosing plant diversity as big agriculture chooses to only grow the most profitable strains, and then they genetically modify those to play games with pests and pesticides. Nature Deficit Disorder is rampant; instead, people use artificial lights and nutritional supplements to try to take the edge off of stress, tension, anxiety. And we are faced with disease and imbalance that has not been seen before. Did you know that plants evolve with us? You may have heard of the ‘web of life.’ When one strand is broken, or pulled taut, it affects the rest of the web. Human beings and plants are intertwined. It behooves us to acknowledge that and it would be wise of us to re-connect with our green fellow earthlings.

On a less poetic note, there are so many herbs and getting to know even just a few can make a powerful difference in your well-being. As a woman and a mother, I focus on herbs that are especially useful for mothers. I invite you to join me as I explore herbs, from growing to preparing to enjoying them on a daily basis.

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